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Thank you so much for visiting my shop! I started this company to provide affordable custom apparel, and accessories to everyone i'm sure you will find something you love :) 


Customer Cam


Nose Cuffs By Erika

Hey my name is Erika and I am the creator of Nosecuffs by Erika. I’m very happy that you have stopped by to see my creations! I’m positive that you will find something that interests you. I create Nose cuffs, ear cuffs, Braids and loc cuffs, and name pendents all are made with metal wire gold or silver. I’m willing to try and create anything you would like. 

*about me* I’m 16 years old, and love to create diyś and bake. I’m a senior in high school. My hobbies are tennis, listening to music, going out, traveling, swimming, and ofc making jewelry. I‘be always loved to express myself by making things and I’m happy that y'all can experience the love through my handmade Jewelry.

If you would like to see more of of me Follow my Instagram @erikapoe__ Thank you so much for taking a Few minutes out of your day to read this have a blessed day.

All of my creations are all made by me I enjoy what I do, I make my nose cuffs to fit all shapes and sizes of noses no one is left out!

I want to thank @cloudedboutique for giving me a opportunity to be a vendor on her website. You can find my creations on there under vendors you can contact me or cloudedboutique on the website or Instagram

The Goody Shoppe

Hello all!!! My name is Sariah, I am a 21 year old Norwich resident and I am the owner of “Goody Shoppe.” Thank you for stopping buy and taking a look.

Let me tell you a little about myself , first things first , I am so excited to be featured here on clouded boutique! I am new to motherhood so I’ve been trying to figure out a way to still put money in our pockets and stay out of the regular work norm . My favorite things to do are pretend I have a YouTube channel, take photos of my son as well as listen to and write music . I hope you find anything and everything you’re looking for when you stop by cloudedboutique have a wonder time.

That Glitter Girl Tiff

Hi my name is Tiffany and I’m the owner of That Glitter Girl Tiff. I am very happy to be one of Clouded Boutique’s vendors and share my love of self care with you guys. I sell affordable self care items such as; body/ lip scrubs, body butter and much more to come! A little bit about me - I am 23 years old. I have been practicing to be a makeup artist since I was 15 and will be going to makeup school next fall. My hobbies are art and makeup. I just love creating and I’m glad I get to share that passion! You can follow me on Instagram @that_glitter_girl_tiff



If you are interested in having your business featured on Clouded Boutiques website then fill out this contact card and I will contact you as soon as possible🌥💙✨